Firefly Wireless Networks Announces its 2nd Gen Visible Light Communications LiFi Products, with Data Rates up to 1.8 Gbps, at Hannover Messe Tradeshow

LiFi products provide higher security than WiFi for wireless LAN connectivity, industrial applications, and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Hannover, Germany & San Diego CA – April 26, 2017:  Firefly Wireless Networks, a leading manufacturer of Visible Light Communications (VLC) and LiFi products, announced that it is demonstrating its LiFi products at the Hannover Messe technology tradeshow this week. Firefly is displaying its second generation SecureLink LiFi access points and client units, which are the fastest and most advanced Visible Light Communications products available in the industry at up to 1.8 Gbps. LiFi utilizes light to transmit data more securely and faster than traditional WiFi radio frequency solutions, while also avoiding RF interference and congestion issues associated with WiFi. Protecting the sensitive information and network access of an organization has never been more important, with cyber security breaches and information theft being reported almost daily. The most vulnerable aspect of a network is its wireless transmissions.

“We are excited to unveil our 2nd generation SecureLink system at the Hannover Messe tradeshow,” said Dr. Heinz Willebrand, CEO of Firefly Wireless Networks. “Visible Light Communications solutions are the hottest new data communications technology due to a myriad of advantages resulting from the use of light spectrum over radio frequency spectrum. Traditional WiFi systems are prone to eavesdropping within and outside an organization’s building. It is also susceptible to radio frequency interference and congestion, as RF spectrum use has become crowded and has created bottlenecks within networks. Firefly Wireless Networks has solved these challenges with the world’s highest performance VLC solutions, offering the fastest data rates in the industry at up to 1.8 Gigabits per second, which far exceeds all WiFi technologies. And, compared to competing solutions, SecureLink is small, aesthetically attractive, and easy to install.”

Firefly is also developing partner relationships in other industry sectors such as building technology providers, factory automation (Industry 4.0 and cyber-physical systems), consumer electronics, the Internet of Things, in-flight aircraft communications systems, military and underwater solutions, and transportation related applications such as train stations and automobile communications, which the company holds key patents on.

About Firefly Wireless Networks
Firefly Wireless Networks LLC is a venture capital backed manufacturer of Visible Light Communications (VLC), also known as LiFi, and Infrared Light Communications (ILC) products.

New Company, Firefly Wireless Networks, is Launched to Target Multi-Billion Dollar Visible Light Communications and LiFi Market, Backed by Berg and Berg Enterprises, LightPointe, and Teleconnect

Firefly emerges from two years of “stealth mode,” with patents and first products.

San Diego CA – June 28, 2016:  A new company, Firefly Wireless Networks LCC, announced that it has launched after two years in “stealth mode” and is targeting the emerging hot technology area known as Visible Light Communications and LiFi, or Light Fidelity. The company is owned by LightPointe Communications, the number one manufacturer of long range hybrid outdoor wireless backhaul solutions, Berg and Berg Enterprises, a multi-billion dollar venture capital firm, and Teleconnect GmbH, a telecommunications engineering company. Firefly Wireless Networks’ engineers have already received patents in the Visible Light Communications (VLC) sector, and have developed initial products for highly secure data communications utilizing light, rather than WiFi and other radio frequency transmission technologies. VLC and LiFi technologies have recently gained attention as an alternative to WiFi and such RF communications methods, since WiFi and RF spectrum have become congested and are prone to interference and reliability issues. In addition, by using light spectrum—which is up to 10,000 times more plentiful than radio frequency spectrum— communications are virtually impossible to intercept, thus avoiding cyber security and eavesdropping threats. This makes VLC ideal for sensitive government and commercial networks, as well as mass market implementations in which low cost connectivity is required between devices.

“After operating discreetly in stealth mode for two years, we are excited to finally announce Firefly Wireless Networks,” said Dr. Heinz Willebrand, who is serving as CEO of Firefly, and also continues to serve as CEO of LightPointe. “Firefly was created to focus on what is one of the hottest technology growth sectors on the horizon, Visible Light Communications, which due to the proliferation of LED lighting and LED use in commercial and residential devices, is expected to be a multi-billion dollar industry in the coming years. VLC technologies are one of the communication methods which the so-called Internet of Things will use to connect millions of consumer electronics and Machine to Machine (M2M) devices cost effectively, and without the use of scarce radio frequency spectrum.”

Firefly Wireless Networks has launched its website,, or www.VLC.Solutions, which describes many applications for Visible Light Communications and LiFi technologies.

Applications for VLC and LiFi include:

  • Secure network access (replacement or augmentation of WiFi)
  • Factory automation and communications
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Hospitals and medical communications
  • Vehicles (vehicle charging and communications systems, vehicle to vehicle / V2V, vehicle to roadside / V2R, and in-vehicle communications)
  • Aircraft (broadband media and data transmissions to increase throughput, while reducing aircraft wiring/weight and avoid interference with aircraft electronics)
  • Airport terminals (avoidance of radio frequency interference with sensitive equipment)
  • Train stations
  • Point of Sale (POS) (signage and location-based consumer applications)
  • Nuclear and Public Utilities
  • Underwater applications

“Our first product emerged from research and development a few months ago, has completed thorough testing, and is awaiting FCC approval,” said Andreas Bluschke, chief technology officer of Firefly Wireless Networks, who also serves as managing director of Teleconnect. “The Office SecureLink™ is a highly secure indoor Ethernet communication bridge for point to point, and point to multi-point connectivity, using red, green, blue, or invisible infrared light. The access point and client, or subscriber units, can be installed in conference rooms, offices, and other indoor environments where the utmost in security is desired while avoiding WiFi congestion and signal security issues.”

According to some research reports, the market for Visible Light Communications could reach over US$100 billion by 2024, as the Internet connects millions of devices around the world autonomously and seamlessly.

About Firefly Wireless Networks, LCC

Firefly Wireless Networks™ LLC is a manufacturer of Visible Light Communications (VLC), also known as LiFi, and Infrared Light Communications (ILC) products. VLC and ILC wireless bridges utilize light to transmit data, avoiding radio frequency spectrum congestion, RF interference, and the eavesdropping and cyber security issues associated with WiFi.